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APRIL 2016
Record Smashers, Guggenheim,
Viking Funeral

EatSmart; Viking Funeral; It Had to be You

Lots of varied work over the past few months. Jetpacks Go! projects included Record Smashers, a 16-part web show for Whistle Sports - all episodes are available on the Go90 platform, but you can watch the trailer and my favourite episode (featuring an impressive one-take shot thanks to Mike Rossetti's amazing camera op skills) on YouTube.

At the other end of the spectrum, I directed another set of films for the Guggenheim Museum, covering their upcoming major exhibition of the work of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. I'm ashamed to say I hadn't heard of him before I started work on the project, but I'm now an enthusiastic fan. It was great to see some of his works up close in a conservation context, and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the exhibition.

And, after a six month break, we finally shot the last scene of Viking Fueral - which had the added complication of being set in Valhalla... We were lucky enough to be able to populate our scene with a horde of warriors, thanks to the incredibly welcoming and generous re-enactors of Ravensborg Longfort in Missouri, who were kind enough to host us at their annual Return of the Sun festival. I didn't realise that watching the moon rise from the door of the mead hall was on my bucket list until I tried it...


HP, EatSmart and Viking Funeral

EatSmart; Viking Funeral; It Had to be You

It's been an intense few months of work for Jetpacks Go!. We shot a comedy video for HP, and also a series of seriously weird commercials for EatSmart Snacks which we're pretty proud of - check out one of them here.

On top of that, it turns out that Wiser's Whiskey loved the web commercials we made for them last year so much that some of them are now rolling out as national TV spots - you might have caught this one on ESPN during the US Open.

As well as commercials, though, we also headed upstate for a week to shoot a more personal project: Viking Funeral, a short written by and starring Justin Tyler and co-directed by Alden Ford and myself. We've barely started post, so watch this space.

In non-Jetpacks news: It Had to be You, the feature I shot last year for Sasha Gordon starring Cristin Milioti, has started its festival run, premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival and with screenings at the Austin Film Festival, Santa Barbara Film Festival and others coming up. Really proud of how it's turned out.


MAY 2015
Microtel, Sesame Street, and Joe Biden

Unique New York; the Guggenheim; and Lovesick

Spent a lot more time over the past couple of months in the great state of Delaware than I'd expected... First off, I was commissioned by the very likeable people at SOS Brooklyn to direct and shoot a set of videos for the hotel chain Microtel. The first few of them are already playing as ads on Hulu, and the others should be online soon.

Unrelatedly, I've also been shooting interviews for Rob Meyer and his company There We Go Films for the University of Delaware, interviewing some of its prominent alumni. It turns out that makes for a who's-who of political talent, including behind-the-scenes movers and shakers David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt, New Jersey governor Chris Christie and - most memorably - Vice President Joe Biden, who was kind of enough to arrange a tour of the White House for us after we wrapped. All of which made me miss my think tank days...

And I rounded off May with another fun project: shooting the new 'F is for Face' video for Sesame Street, directed by my friend Ian Harnarine.

I'm glad to say Unique New York is now available to watch on the IFC website: I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. And the first of the Shu Uemura videos I shot for Jae-Ho Chang is now online. Take a look!

Oh: and last but not least, a screenplay of mine won the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge. I've been very bad at making time to work on my writing, so that was a great incentive to get back into it. That feature won't write itself...


IFC, Guggenheim, and more

Unique New York; the Guggenheim; and Lovesick

Oof. The last couple of months of ended up being pretty busy...

First off: IFC commissioned Unique New York - a short comedy web series written by and starring Justin Tyler and Michael Hartney - so we spent a few freezing days in December shooting on location around Brooklyn; I was DP and split directing duties with Alden Ford, who edited. I'm really happy with the results, which should drop some time early this year on the IFC website.

Second: I've been commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum to make a series of videos about their biennial Hugo Boss Prize. The first is already online; the second, about this year's winner Paul Chan, will be up to coincide with the opening of his exhibition in the spring.

Third: we wrapped photography on It Had to Be You with two days of pick-ups on location in Rome. I could definitely get used to two-hour boozey lunches on set.

And finally: Lovesick finally had its theatrical release! It played in ten cities in earlier this month, and now is available to watch on VOD on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and other platforms. Thanks again to everyone who worked hard on the film - you're the best.



On-set with Jetpacks Go!; Wiser's spot; and Shu Uemura behind the scenes

Great news! Earlier this year, Jetpacks Go! - Justin Tyler, Alden Ford and myself - signed up to be repped as directors by the awesome NYC-based creative agency Click 3X. They've been out pitching us for commercials, and we've started landing a steady stream of great gigs.

The first three out of the gate have been spots for Beneful and Wiser's Whiskey, and a series of web videos for AbbVie raising awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Looking forward to more in the future!

I also had a chance to work again with my friend Jae-Ho Chang (director of the fantastic doc Ultimate Christian Wrestling) as his DP on another video for Shu Uemura. Should be up online in 2015.


JULY 2014
It Had to Be You

Director Sasha Gordon; on set with Levi Abrino

The last couple of months have pretty much been dominated by DPing It Had to Be You, my friend Sasha Gordon's debut feature. I'm a big fan of the script, co-written by Sasha and my friend Levi Abrino (writer-director of Little Horses, one of my favourite short films), and Sasha pulled together a pretty impressive cast, headed up by the charismatic and talented Cristin Milioti and Dan Soder.

I was lucky enough to have a great crew, headed up by my frequent collaborator Mike Rossetti - who's more often my go-to DP whne I'm directing - as my gaffer. Post should hopefully be finished by early 2015, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


APRIL 2014
Visa delays...

At the Tongies, and our Oral-B spot

It's been a frustrating few months, thanks to some bureaucratic delays in getting my US visa renewal squared away... but with a little luck that should all be resolved shortly.

Thankfully that didn't mean I had to miss The Tongies - the annual awards run by Tongal - where La Femme Chic, my commercial for Sole Society, was up for Best Broadcast Spot and Video of the Year. No wins for us this year, but I had a great time meeting the fantastic Tongal team out in Los Angeles.

Speaking of commercials: the national TV spot for Oral-B which I directed back in December is now available to watch online.

And last but not least: it now looks like my friend Sasha Gordon's feature It Had to Be You, which I'm shooting, will go into production soon - with Rachel Brenna, my producer for La Femme Chic, producing. Looking forward to it!


Oral-B, Hasbro, Nintendo and more

Nintendo, Hasbro, and Oral-B

And the commercials keep coming! In October I directed a web spot for Hasbro, produced by Rachel Brenna, which you can check out online. The vagaries of YouTube mean that it's somehow jumped from a very respectable 200,000 views to a less impressive 400... but I'm very happy with how it turned out, thanks to a great cast.

In October I directed and shot a time lapse project for Nintendo: if you're a fan of the Zelda games, then this might look and sound familiar. And I aslso created a motion graphics intro video for financial start-up Artivest, which you can see on their website.

Now I'm deep into production of a national broadcast commercial I'm directing for Oral-B, featuring Nascar driver Ryan Newman, which should be airing in early 2014. Watch this space.


Commercials (and awards)

August 2013

It's been a big few months for commercials... In June I was commissioned to write and direct a spot for Sole Society, which - I'm glad to say - they liked so much that it's going to go out nationally as their first ever TV ad: you can catch it on air, or check it out online. A big thank you to my producer Rachel Brenna, our lead Laine Rettmer and the rest of our great cast and crew.

Add to that: two spec commercials I wrote and directed for Mofilm won awards earlier this month! Focus Group (for Pepperidge Farm) won first place in its category, and Got Your Back (for Valspar paint) came in third. The generous people at Mofilm flew me out to Chicago to collect a gratifyingly shiny award... I'm just sorry I couldn't take my Jetpacks Go! collaborators, Alden Ford and Justin Tyler.

But on that note: I came back from Chicago and straight into DPing a commercial for Fairpoint Communications, which is hopefully the first of many Jetpacks Go! projects in partnership with the very cool ad agency Mister Face. It's going to be airing in New England soon, or you can watch it here.

Oh: and in non-commercial news, Casual Encounters won best feature at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. Hurrah! And congratulations to Will McCord.


APRIL 2013
Jetpacks Go! and Casual Encounters

April 2013

Things are picking up for Jetpacks Go!, my collaboration with Alden Ford and Justin Tyler. We've been commissioned to make several comedy projects so far this year, including this video for IdeaScale. The deepest, nerdiest parts of our minds also generated this and this in honour of our favourite TV shows - which also gave me the chance to work again with Chris Hirsh from God of Love and Emily Hartford from Casual Encounters.

On which note: Casual Encounters is soon to have its premiere, as one of the opening films for the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. And Lovesick is getting towards the end of post-production. Looking forward to seeing both soon!


From Astoria to Singapore

January 2013

Over the past few months I've shot two shorts in very different places. First up was Irene and Marie, set in Astoria's Greek-American community, directed by Alex Thompson and starring Olympia Dukakis and Burt Young among others. It's always a pleasure to work with actors who are absolutely on top of their craft, and I'm beginning to appreciate the other side of cinematography: sometimes a DP's job is just to provide an environment where the cast can work, then step back and let them do their thing. I was also lucky to work with producers Roberta Monroe and Rachel Brenna - both real pros.

Then off to Singapore to shoot In Sunrise, a student short for Jenny Wang of NYU's Tisch Asia (sadly soon to be defunct) starring Lu Huang. Didn't get much of a chance to see Singapore, but it was a pleasure to get to know the NYU Singapore students.



Matt and Ali Another busy six months...

The big news is that I've just wrapped on my latest feature as DP. Lovesick is my friend Luke Matheny's debut as a feature director, shot in LA, and it's definitely a step up in scale from the indy projects I've mostly cut my teeth on so far. Our impressive cast included my new hero Matt LeBlanc, Ali Larter, Adam Rodriguez, Chevy Chase, Rachael Harris, and one of my favourite character actors, Richard Riehle.

It was great to work again with some of the same team from God of Love as heads of department - as well as Luke, the super-talented Casey Smith made a welcome return as Production Designer, Lydia Sudall came on as part of the G&E team, and my frequent collaborator / road-trip-buddy Levi Abrino reprised his unusual-but-effective double role as scripty and editor. And as well as old friends, I had the pleasure to work with the classy Michael Roiff and Travus Pope as producers, and an amazing G&E, camera and production team who I'm looking forward to working with again whenever I'm on the west coast.

Otherwise: I shot a short, also out in LA, for my film-school classmate Jae-Ho Chang, produced by Tim Kang of The Mentalist - expecting to see a cut soon, which I'm looking forward to. Plus plenty of interesting work coming up with Jetpacks Go! - earlier this year we shot a spot for and a Game of Thrones sketch which has had a gratifying 50,000 views. Watch this space...


Detour update

January 2012

It's been a long time coming, but I'm glad to say we finally have our last shot for Detour... Which, ironically, is the first shot. It involved dropping a 16mm camera out of an airplane from 5,000', which took a little bit of planning and a lot of luck to manage. Now I can finally concentrate on getting the final cut together...

And: it's a new year, so it's time for a new reel. My new narrative DP reel is now online for your viewing pleasure...


Jetpacks Go! and Hoppit

October 2011

It's been a busy couple of months for Jetpacks Go!. First we were commissioned to produce a commercial for Boost Mobile to tie in with their 'Bring a Fighter to Work' Campaign, in conjunction with the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Our spot starred UFC fighter Rich Franklin, who has a genuine pleasure to work with.

We've also made a pilot for our childrens' web series Totally Normal Todd, about a boy who just happens to be the only human in a puppet family. We were lucky to collaborate with the super-talented puppeteer David Fino, who also worked on The Fuzz, one of my favourite web series.

I also shot another commercial, this time for, a smart personalised review website. Written and directed by Jonathan Coleman and starring comedian Brendon Colhane, it's shaping up to be pretty funny. I'm also now, apparently, to go-to guy for films featuring mediaeval knights in modern-day Manhattan...


JULY 2011
Casual Encounters

July 2011

After almost four years of shooting, it's a wrap on Casual Encounters!

Written and directed by my friend Will McCord, the feature - following the interwoven stories of five New Yorkers who use the 'Casual Encounters' section of Craigslist - was broken down into a series of five shorts which we've shot one at a time. With Eric, which just wrapped, we now have the entire film in the can. Which marks a first feature for both Will and myself.

I think we're both excited to see the whole thing, finally put together as a single piece as intended.


JUNE 2011
Creative Future, José, Ferris and Accidentes

June 2011

I spent an enjoyable month on the west coast filming Creative Future, a 6-part documentary for Shanghai TV on the creative industries. Subjects in San Francisco and Los Angeles included the Tesla factory, a very interesting interview with Rob Minkoff - director of The Lion King - and 3 surreal days covering E3, the annual games industry expo.

While in California, we also decided to take advantage of the nearby Mojave desert to get the last shot missing from Detour - unsuccesfully, as it turned out. But we've learned some valuable lessons about the ups and downs of dropping a camera from 10,000' which we'll be applying to take 2.

Before heading out to CA, I shot another collaboration with comedians Alden Ford and Justin Tyler: Ferris Bueller's Last Day Off, for Atom Films. We've had an amazing 200,000 hits so far, which bodes well for our new production company Jetpacks Go!. The first fruit of which is a comedy pilot which I directed and Alden and Justin wrote, produced and starred in: Accidentes, centred on Brooklyn's three worst lawyers... Hopefully I'll have a trailer online soon.

Back in May I also shot José, part 4 of Will McCord's feature Casual Encounters. Part 3, Miyuke, played as part of the prestigious New Directors New Films festival at New York's Lincoln Center and won the Audience Award at Scene: Brooklyn in May. We're gearing up to shoot part 5 soon, so I'm a month away from having my first full feature cinematography credit...

And finally, I shot a fun spec commercial for writer/director Jess Brickman - looking forward to seeing a cut!


MARCH 2011
Oscar Win!

Oscar Vanity FairAfter a lot of complications, I managed to make it out to Los Angeles to support Luke and God of Love at the 83rd Academy Awards, along with Levi Abrino - who edited the film - and a substantial part of the rest of the cast and crew.

Amazingly, we won, and Luke's memorable, charming speech made him an instant hit at the surreal succession of celebrity parties which we were subsequently ushered into while brandishing the golden man. It's not every day that I get name-checked on TV to an alleged one billion people worldwide.

I'm immensely proud of Luke and everyone else involved in the film. It's rare to have a production environment which enables the entire cast and crew to put in their very best work. And it's encouraging to know that when that happens, audiences respond. Thanks again to my amazing team: camera crew Amanda Laws and Chad Young, our DIT Clair Popkin, and my G&E crew Lydia Sudall, Ryan Kollin, Lapo Melzi, Daniel Silva and Doug Lenox.

If you haven't seen the film yet, you can check it out on iTunes, along with the other excellent nominees. Now: onwards and upwards!


The road to the Oscars

January 2011

Okay: another busy few months. Headline news, though, has to be that God of Love has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short! Which is amazing for all of us who worked on the film, and especially for Luke. Also nominated is The Confession, directed by Tanel Toom and written by Caroline Bruckner, who I met at the Student Academy Awards - congratulations to both of them.

With great timing, my work on God of Love is also featured in an article in this month's American Cinematographer magazine. Which features maybe the worst possible photo of me... but which also gives a good sense of the approach Luke and I took to the film, along with my talented gaffer Lydia Sudall.

Otherwise, I've mostly been working on two projects. As a follow-up to the teaser we shot earlier in the year, Anya Migdal and I have been filming brother-and-sister photography team The Shaltzes on assignment with the band Locksley. And in a crossover with my pre-film days, I've been commissioned to produce a short film for the East-West Institute to mark their 30th anniversary, for which I've been shooting in New York and London. I also contributed to an interesting short documentary on Burma's nuclear ambitions which screened on PBS's Need to Know in November.

Still waiting on one last shot to be able to finish Detour... But with that in sight, and with several substantial projects already lined up, 2011 is looking to be a great year. Watch this space!


Detour pick-ups, shooting, and awards news

September 2010

It's been a great couple of months on the awards front. God of Love has continued its apparently unstoppable run through the festival circuit, including an appearance at Telluride and a win - for Best Student Short - at the Woodstock Film Festival, which I was lucky enough to attend.

And Illuminati Brothers - my collaboration with Brooklyn comedy superstars Sidecar - won Best Comedy and an actual, bona fide People's Choice Award at the New York Television Festival. Thanks to Matt and Justin for their shout out during their acceptance speech.

After a long wait, we finally managed to schedule pick-ups for Detour in September, which means that I'll be able to finish editing over the next couple of months. It was great to work with my fantastic cast again - Chike Johnson, Anya Migdal and Kenneth King were all on set, completing scenes we were unable to shoot during principal photography.

Otherwise, I've been busy shooting: a comedy video for ESPN's The Pretty Good Sports Show. which gave me another chance to work with Matt Fisher of Sidecar; That's What She Told Me, a short for Nick of Time Films; an interview with celebrated director John Sayles for a documentary about modern butchers; and interviews for an upcoming piece on the PBS news magazine show Need to Know.

And finally: my photo appears in October's American Cinematographer Magazine in a piece about the Student Academy Awards.


JULY 2010
More comedy, a commercial award, a TV doc, and student Oscars

July 2010

Busy few months...

In May I shot a TV pilot, 'Illuminati Brothers', for the popular Brooklyn improv comedy group Sidecar, which will soon be playing at the LA Independent Television Festival. The guys then returned the favour by starring in 'Mission Control', a spec commercial I wrote and directed for AT&T, which won 4th prize at the Cannes Lions Commercials Competition.

I've also been working on a documentary TV pilot alongside talented actress Anya Migdal, the female lead in my film Detour. We've been following photojournalist-turned-fashion photographer Marco Pedde on assignment for a fashion shoot, as well as shooting behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot itself for newly-launched label Apart.

And some good news: God of Love won gold prize at the Student Academy Awards. I was out in LA for the ceremony, where the film got a great response from a packed audience of a thousand at the Academy Theatre - it's great to see it on the big screen... You can watch Luke's acceptance speech, including a generous shout out to me; and read articles in Film Yap and Paste Magazine which talk about our collaboration.

Last but not least: I've just, belatedly, finished a new cut of my DP reel. Thanks to all the directors who've let me collaborate with them on their projects.


APRIL 2010
Comedy shoot in the Catskills and God of Love news

Stills from God of Love

I spent a long and enjoyable weekend in the Catskills shooting a short improvised comedy web series - more news to come soon, I hope... The production team, crew and cast were great, so I have high hopes for the finished product.

Meanwhile, good news for my friend Luke Matheny's short God of Love, which I shot last year: the film won first prize at the NYU First Run Film Festival, along with a writing prize for Luke and a cinematography prize for me. It recently closed Aspen Shortsfest, where it won a special jury prize, which hopefully heralds the beginning of a long and successful festivals run.


MARCH 2010
Detour update and The Hat

Stills from The Hat

Detour update: Chike Johnson, the extremely talented lead actor, is starring in Sizwe Banzi is dead in Chicago. Which is great news - though it means that pick-ups will now have to wait until he gets back in May or June...

Meanwhile, I've shot another short - The Hat - for director (and talented Production Designer) Maya Kaplun.


The Devil's Got My Secret, and Withholding

Stills from Devil and Withholding

November and December have been busy months. Detour is in post-production, and I've DPed two shorts: The Devil's Got My Secret for director Jess Kaye and Withholding for director Joyce Wu.


Detour wraps

Detour stills

After a successful shoot, Detour has wrapped on principal photography. Big thanks to my amazing crew, who put up with the cold, more company moves than four regular movies and some dramatically-fortuitous but comfort-compromising rain - and, of course, to my great cast: Chiké Johnson, Anya Migdal, Kenneth King and D. J. Lapité.


Detour fund-raising party


Thanks to everyone who attended the fund-raiser for Detour, and congratulations to John Conners, who managed to clean up at our raffle, winning the much-(ironically)-coveted set of golf clubs... Thanks to donations raised at the party, we're now a lot closer to making this project a reality.


DetourAUGUST 2009
Detour in pre-production

After ten years in New York, Joseph is trapped: trapped in his job, trapped in his life, and trapped in the city. But a chance encounter with Anna, a recent immigrant, makes him realize that escape might be possible - for both of them.

Bobby is now in pre-production for his new short, Detour. Following one night in the life of a Nigerian car-service driver, the film explores themes of identity and isolation - and the possibility for two strangers to make a genuine connection - in the city that never sleeps.

This film is Bobby's thesis project at NYU's prestigious Graduate Film program, and will be shooting in mid-October 2009. We are currently looking for investors to help move the project from script to screen. If you would like to know more, please visit the official website or send an email and we will be happy to help.



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